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Commercial And General Litigation

Disputes arise in business and everyday life.   Southside Legal Gold Coast has significant experiences in different types of disputes.  General commercial disputes including contractual disputes and debt recovery are handled as well as claims against non-paying insurers and claims made against deceased estates.

With all litigation disputes Southside Legal is committed to providing practical advice that is cost effective to you.  With almost all litigation it is essential to consider the basic elements of the dispute before making the decision to commence court proceedings.  How much am I seeking to recover, what will it cost me and what are my realistic chances of success?  These three questions must be asked and weighed up before committing to court proceedings.  Once involved in the litigation process an intense effort is required, as put bluntly there is no prize for coming second.  Southside Legal is prepared to fight to protect your rights, although where appropriate, mediation will be considered and recommended when thought to be in your best interests.  Each matter is different and at Southside Legal we will give the appropriate time to consider your personal position.

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