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Deceased Estate Administration

Should you find yourself as the executor of a will you may require assistance with administering the will. To somebody who has never been an executor, administration of a deceased estate can be quite daunting and complex.

Southside Legal Gold Coast provides full deceased estate administration services. These services include:

  • securing probate for the will;
  • contacting all creditors and debtors and arranging for distribution of the deceased estate pursuant to the will;
  • making application for letters of administration if no will or if an executor is not named in will;
  • attending to transmission of land pursuant to will;
  • recording a record of death on a land title deed;
  • dealing with all beneficiaries enquiries including parties who may wish to challenge the terms of the will;
  • providing clear advice to you as an executor so that you can confidently know that you have fulfilled your legal responsibilities in this role

Southside Legal Gold Coast provides economical services and will keep you full informed at all times of progress being made with the deceased estate administration.

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