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Insurance Claims

  • Non payment disablity and income protection claims
  • Non payment household insurance claims
  • Flood claims
  • No cover provided professional indemnity

If you are having difficulties with an insurance company claim we can assist you. Whether your matter is non-payment on a home and contents insurance policy or an income protection claim we can assist you.
We understand the personal fear and concern that can arise when an insurance company fails to make a payout on a policy for which you expected to receive a payment.
Insurance law can be a complex area. In many instances insurance companies need to be challenged on their unnecessarily harsh interpretation of whether a payout is due or not.
You may experience difficulties with insurance companies, not only with your own policies of insurance but when attempting to claim against third parties. This could arise in situations where you are injured in a car accident or even if you have been given professional services below the acceptable standard that has caused you loss and damage. In these instances the respondents to the claim will usually have the appropriate insurance policy and claims will be made against them. Southside Legal Gold Coast has considerable experience in insurance claims and we can fully assist with all aspects of claims against insurance companies. We will fight hard to protect your rights.
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