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Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident then you may be able to recover a range of compensation benefits whether you are a pedestrian, a passenger in a vehicle or even a driver. The basic rule is that if there is fault of another party in the accident which has caused your injuries then you will likely have a claim. The ‘at fault’ party will likely be held negligent and you will be entitled to damages from a compulsory third party insurance company. The damages do NOT come from the ‘at fault’ person personally.

Motor vehicle accidents include all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks and trailers. Compensation can apply whether there are one or more vehicles involved in the accident. Even if the cause of the accident is an unidentified or unregistered vehicle there is the opportunity to recover damages.

Under the Motor Accidents Insurance Act there is a set procedure to follow to secure compensation. Time limits do apply to these claims and accordingly we urge you not to wait too long before consulting Southside Legal.

Damages can be recovered for a range of items including general damages (pain and suffering), out-of-pocket expenses, economic loss both past and future, rehabilitation expenses, gratuitous services provided to you in certain circumstances and for various other items depending on the circumstances.

If you do commence proceedings for compensation do not be concerned if you think that a close friend or a family member is responsible for the collision. They will not be personally responsible for the damages payable to you which will be paid by the CTP Insurer.

Southside Legal will guide you through the claims process and carefully explain all options open to you and ensure you are kept fully informed and up to date at all times.

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