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Public Liability Claims

Public liability claims commonly refer to claims where injury has resulted as a consequence of a slip or fall or injury caused by a defective building or product or injury sustained in a sports incident or in a school yard. It can cover other areas such as injuries on a boat or being attacked by an animal. A claim arises when it can be established that the person responsible for the area where the injury has occurred (the occupier) has breached a duty of care and this has resulted in the injury to you.

Almost always there will be insurance cover for a public liability claim. Even if an injury occurred at a friend or family’s house it is normal for the building or contents insurance of a private residence to cover public liability. Similarly if you are injured on a footpath or in a commercial shopping centre there will almost inevitably be an insurance policy in place to deal with the claim.

Claims made under public liability are made pursuant to the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act. Again time limitations apply and accordingly you should contact Southside Legal as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss the time period.

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