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Wills Preparation

Have you properly provided for your children?

It is important to have a professionally drafted will to ensure that your actual wishes are carried out upon your death.  In this day and age there are many second and third marriages and the interests of children from previous relationships may compete with the interests of a subsequent spouse.  It is essential to be very clear in the way you express your will so that there is no confusion after you are no longer here to be able to explain what you actually meant.

Here at Southside Legal we provide experienced advice and drafting to ensure that your wishes are put into effect upon your death.  We do not overcomplicate matters and draft all wills in a clear and straight forward fashion.

Our experience has shown that wills that are prepared by people themselves sometimes are ambiguous and confusing and as a consequence disputes arise between potential beneficiaries.  It is much better for you to have clear, concise terms to your will so that there is no confusion once you are gone.

It must also be remembered that if you do not have a will your estate will be distributed pursuant to a set government formula (the rules of intestacy) and if you do not have appropriate relatives the monies could even be left to the government.  It is important that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your hard earned assets are distributed in a way that you want to occur.

Southside Legal provides economical services in will preparation.

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